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Underfloor Heating in Northampton

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Underfloor Heating in Northampton

Enjoy Comfort, Aesthetics, and Efficiency with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is significant in modern construction and interior design due to its benefits, such as a cosy environment, comfort, added property value, and aesthetics.

Contrary to conventional heating systems, underfloor heating systems are efficient and evenly distribute the heat, creating a warm and comfortable environment you would enjoy in chilling winters.

Moreover, with no visible radiators or vents, underfloor heating enhances the aesthetics of any room, allowing for greater flexibility in furniture arrangement and interior design.

Catering to the client’s comfort, efficiency and aesthetic concerns, Superflow UFH ensures quality underfloor heating in Northampton at reasonable costs.

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Experience the Best Quality Underfloor Heating Services

Superflow UFH houses licenced experts and the latest equipment, advocating customer-friendly policies and quick service. We tackle each aspect with utmost attention to serve you the best.

So, any time you need reliable underfloor heating services in Northampton, reach us and let our staff give you a cosy indoor environment.

Tailored System for Unmatched Comfort

Our underfloor heating engineers in Northampton will expertly install your desired underfloor heating system at your property. We deal in both heating systems.

Electric Underfloor Heating: This underfloor heating system employs electrical cables or heating mats fitted beneath the floor.

When the system is turned on, the electrical elements generate heat, which is radiated upwards to warm the floor and, subsequently, the room above. These systems are typically suitable for smaller buildings as they do not demand extensive modifications.

Hydronic (Water-based) Underfloor Heating: Hydronic underfloor heating relies on a network of pipes or tubes filled with hot water to distribute heat beneath the floor.

The water is heated using a central boiler or heat pump and pumped through the pipes, warming the floor and radiating heat into the room.

These systems offer greater efficiency and are best suited for larger buildings or commercial set-ups.

Enjoy a Multitude of Benefits

The underfloor heating installation gives you several advantages in a one-time investment.

Comfort and Even Heat Distribution: Underfloor heating provides radiant heat from the floor upwards, creating a comfortable and consistent temperature across the entire room and providing a more pleasant living environment.

Energy Efficiency: Due to their energy-efficient manufacturing, underfloor heating systems consume less energy and reduce your bills. Additionally, hydronic underfloor heating can be paired with energy-efficient heat sources like heat pumps, further enhancing its eco-friendliness.

Aesthetics and Space Saving: Underfloor heating systems are hidden beneath the floor, eliminating the need for visible radiators or vents. This enhances the living space’s aesthetics and allows for greater flexibility in furniture arrangement and interior design.

Health and Hygiene: Unlike forced-air systems that, unfortunately, circulate dust particles and allergens, underfloor heating systems do not rely on air movement. Thus, there are no dust particles. This can benefit individuals with respiratory issues or allergies, as it promotes better indoor air quality.

Silent Operation: Underfloor heating systems operate silently, providing warmth without any noisy fans or clanking radiators, contributing to a serene living environment.

Meticulous Installation with Careful Planning

Considering your needs and preferences, our specialists carefully plan your system design, equipment and finishing.

  • Using our CAD program, we design a suitable and customised layout.
  • We then arrange for the required components as per the design.
  • Following this, our experienced staff will install underfloor heating pipes with as many folds as you like.
  • We conduct post-installation tests to verify the structural integrity of the system.


Underfloor heating systems are more efficient than conventional radiators. They can reduce your bill by up to 40 per cent.

Underfloor heating systems last for years. The average life span of electric heating systems is 25 years, whereas water heating systems can function for up to 50 years.

The cost depends on numerous factors like the type of system, size and modification required, and the price of the components. For a better estimate, you can contact our experts.