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Heatmiser UH6-6 Zone 230v Wiring Centre


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The Heatmiser UH6 is a 6-zone underfloor heating wiring centre specifically designed for working with 230v thermostats. Preferably, it can be placed next to the manifold of your underfloor heating system as it provides central switching. Any of these components can be switched by providing a 230v output on demand from any zone:

  • Valve
  • Zone Actuators
  • Underfloor Heating Pump

It offers compatibility with all boiler types, supplying a volt-free connection to them.

Key Features of Heatmiser UH6

  • Central Switching
  • Creepage Function
  • Volt Free Connection
  • Zone-Specific Control
  • Compact Design & Size
  • Heat & UFH Pump Delay
  • Easy Installation & Integration
  • Precise Temperature Management

Why Use Heatmiser UH6?

The Heatmiser UH6 has been specially designed for 6-zone UFH systems, offering effective and reliable solutions for easy wiring, optimal control, and seamless integration. Placing it near the manifolds ensures efficient operation of the UFH system, allowing maximum system control. It can be integrated with the existing heating system, providing a volt-free connection and ensuring compatibility with different types of boilers.

It allows setting a timed delay before the activation of the pump and heat outputs, providing flexible and adaptable control of the system’s functionality. Moreover, it has a compact design and size, making its installation and integration into the existing heating system’s setup easy.

There is a dedicated zone that allows for the control of a single radiator, making it a suitable option for use with hybrid heating systems. It also has push-in connectors that help to ensure a reliable and safe connection is made, eliminating the requirement for extra tools.

Creepage Function

The pump can cease and refuse to operate when the underfloor heating pump is not used for a long time during hot summer days when heating is not required. Therefore, it is suggested to operate the pump at least once a day even when heating is not needed, and this can be made possible with the help of the creepage function.

When the creepage function is enabled, the UH6 wiring centre automatically operates the UFH pump for 1 minute if it is not operated by a thermostat in the previous 24 hours.

Heatmiser UH6 for Sale | Superflow UFH

Ensure efficient control and effective operation of your 6-zone underfloor heating system with Heatmiser UH6. It can prove to be one of the most valuable additions to your heating system because of its advanced features and compact and user-friendly design, which make it easy to use and install.

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Can a timed delay be set in Heatmiser UH6?

Yes, it is possible to set a timed delay in Heatmiser UH6 before the pump and heat outputs are activated when there is a demand.

How many actuators and zones can be connected to UH6 central wiring?

Up to 6 zones can be connected to UH6 central wiring, and 4 actuators can be connected to each zone.

What are the actuator outputs from Heatmiser UH6?

From Heatmiser UH6, the actuator outputs are 230v.

What are the dimensions of Heatmiser UH6?

The dimensions (LxHxD) of Heatmiser UH6 correspond to 265 x 95.6 x 64mm

How much does a Heatmiser UH6 cost?

At Superflow UFH, the cost of Heatmiser UH6 is £52.20.


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