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Heatmiser RF Switch V2


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The Heatmiser RF Switch v2 is a device that can help you control your home’s heating and hot water without wires. It works with Heatmiser Slimline-RF, Touch-RF, neoAir, and UH8-RF thermostats and connects to your boiler to control it remotely.

This switch is easy to install on a wall or surface and is powered by a regular electrical supply. It can handle up to two heating zones and one hot water zone. The maximum power it can handle is 3A for each zone and a total of 9A altogether.

The Heatmiser RF receiver V2 is a reliable and flexible device that can work with different heating and hot water systems. This switch is a good choice if you want to add wireless control to your heating.

Key Features

  • Control for two heating zones and one hot water zone.
  • Can control the boiler without wires.
  • Easy surface-mount installation.
  • Powered by a regular 230V AC supply.
  • Can handle up to 3A per zone, 9A in total.


  • Control your heating and hot water zones wirelessly.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Works reliably.
  • Compatible with various thermostats.

If you need a wireless receiver to manage your heating and hot water zones, the Heatmiser RF Switch is a great option. It’s versatile, dependable, and straightforward to set up and operate.

Heatmiser RF Switch V2

Heatmiser RF Switch V2 is a wireless thermostat receiver that can be easily used with two heating zones and a hot water cylinder. It provides volt-free output for the boiler. This two-channel wireless receiver gives output indications and is easy to install as it is surface-mounted. It can also be used to develop a wireless connection to the boiler by linking it with the UH8-RF V2 8 Zone Wiring Centre.

Thus, you can control your boiler remotely by installing this switch easily, which is powered by a regular electrical supply.

Features of Heatmiser Rf Switch V2

  • Supply:230V AC
  • Mounting Type:Surface
  • Number of Heating Zones:2
  • Number of Hot Water Zones:1
  • Maximum Total Load:9A Resistive
  • Maximum Relay Load:3A Resistive
  • Dimensions (L, H, D):(108 x 90 x 24) mm
  • Compatibility:Slimline-RF V3, neoAir V3, UH8-RF V2

Advantages of Heatmiser RF Switch V2

The Heatmiser RF Switch V2 is a hot water wireless receiver that provides you with several advantages, including:

  • Boiler Control
  • Volt-Free Output
  • Simple Installation
  • Two Channel Control
  • No Wiring Requirements
  • Wireless Link to the Boiler
  • Efficient Zone Management
  • Compatibility & Reliable Operation
  • Precise & Independent Temperature Management

Order Yours Now!

Heatmiser RF Switch V2 is for sale at UFH Superflow. Order one and upgrade your property’s heating system today.


How much does a Heatmiser RF Switch V2 cost?

The cost of a Heatmiser RF Switch V2 is £33.76.

What payment options do you provide?

Our payment options include Visa, Master Card, Union Pay, and Amex.

How many heating and hot water zones can be controlled by this switch?

This switch comes with a thermostat receiver and repeaters and can efficiently control 2 heating zones and 1 hot water zone.

How much power can a Heatmiser RF Switch V2 handle?

Each zone of the Heatmiser RF Switch V2 can handle 3A maximum power, making up altogether 9V.


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