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Underfloor Heating in Ipswich

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Underfloor Heating in Ipswich

The underfloor heating system is the most advanced system that renders the whole floor into an efficient heat source. It radiates heat energy uniformly throughout the room and provides a cosy and pleasant environment all around. These systems are more efficient, silent and occupy lesser space than conventional heating systems.

Superflow UFH has an experience of more than a decade in installing underfloor heating in Ipswich. We house a team of specialist installers who can undertake a project of any scale and type, commercial or residential, and complete it efficiently. You can contact us and hire our services at highly affordable prices.

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Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

Electric Underfloor Heating

These systems consist of high-resistance electric cables or heating mats that are spread beneath the floor to provide heat; these systems run on electrical power and reduce your carbon footprint considerably. However, these systems are more expensive than their alternative.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

These systems use hot water that runs through pipes under the floor to heat the area. Hydronic underfloor heating systems need heat pumps or a boiler as a source of hot water. These systems are highly efficient and economical than electric heating systems.

Understand Your Underfloor Heating System

Before installing a new system at your home, it is better to understand its working. Our team of experienced underfloor heating engineers in Ipswich will educate you on the anatomy of your system and guide you on how to control it. The following are the components of an underfloor heating system:

Cables or Heating Pipes: Underfloor heating systems can be of two types: electric or water-based. In both cases, the primary components, namely cables or heating pipes, are discreetly installed within the floor to provide efficient and comfortable heating.

Insulation: To optimise energy efficiency and reduce heat losses to the subfloor, a layer of insulation is carefully laid beneath the heating pipes.

The Manifold: A crucial element of underfloor heating systems, the manifold maintains and regulates the flow of either electrical energy or heated water through the pipes, ensuring uniform warmth across the entire system.

Thermostat: Allowing for personalised control, the thermostat plays a key role in adjusting the temperature of the heating system according to the preferences of the occupants.

The Pump: Exclusive to water-based underfloor heating systems, the pump takes on the vital task of circulating hot water from the boiler to the manifold.

The Boiler: Essential for water-based underfloor heating systems, the boiler serves as the primary heat source. It efficiently heats the water, which is then distributed through the heating pipes concealed beneath the floors, ensuring a pleasant and warm living space.

Flooring: Underfloor heating systems are compatible with various flooring materials. While the systems can work with any flooring type, certain materials such as tiles, stone, or concrete offer superior heat-conducting properties, enhancing the overall heating efficiency.

Add Some Innovation to Control Your Heating System

Along with complete underfloor heating services, our team also provides innovative suggestions to improve the design and make it more compatible with your house. Our team will guide you through multiple innovative plug-ins to provide you with more control over your underfloor heating system.

Install smart thermostats to have complete wireless control over your underfloor heating system. The latest generation smart thermostat can read your routine and adjust temperatures automatically.

Use renewable energy sources such as heat pumps or solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Use the zoning method to divide your underfloor heating system into different zones and reduce unnecessary consumption of heat.

Underfloor cooling systems are becoming a popular alternative to air conditioning in warmer areas.

Install sensors on the floor to allow the system to sense the temperature and humidity levels and adjust the system settings accordingly.

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