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Underfloor Heating in Coventry

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An underfloor heating system warms the floor to heat your home. It is a more efficient and convenient solution than traditional radiator systems. Underfloor heating in Coventry can be installed in any room, saving you money on your energy bills.

With its ability to distribute heat evenly from beneath the floor surface, underfloor heating offers a cosy and warm experience. However, its installation isn’t easy; you need to work with expert underfloor heating engineers in Coventry to set it up in your home.

Elevate Your Comfort with Underfloor Heating

Superflow UFH is an underfloor heating company with expertise in offering cost-effective underfloor heating solutions that contribute to a greener environment. Our skilled engineers are equipped to install and upgrade all kinds of underfloor heating systems.

Whether you have a water-based or low-temperature renewable system, our specialists will swiftly resolve any issues. Our team of underfloor heating experts will visit your commercial property, assess your system, and address any concerns promptly and affordably.

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Why Should You Opt for Underfloor Heating?

  • Enhanced comfort – Underfloor heating in Coventry provides more consistent and comfortable heat throughout the room.
  • Energy efficiency – It operates at lower temperatures than traditional radiators, hence lower energy consumption and reduced heating costs.
  • Space-saving – With underfloor heating, there is no need for radiators, allowing for greater flexibility in furniture arrangement and maximising space utilisation.
  • Silent operation – Unlike some heating systems, underfloor heating operates quietly, without any noisy fans or pumps.
  • Compatibility with different floor coverings – Underfloor heating can be installed under various floor types, including tiles, laminate, wood, and carpet.

What Are Types of Underfloor Heating?

Superflow UFH specialises in installing various heating systems to suit your needs. Our expert team of engineers is experienced in working with the following types of underfloor heating:

Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is a common type that’s easy to install and powered by a regular electrical outlet. It uses thin wires embedded in the floor to heat up and warm the air, providing even heat distribution throughout the room.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating is more efficient but trickier to install. It requires a boiler or heat source to warm water, which is then circulated through pipes in the floor. The heat from the water is transmitted to the air, ensuring a cosy and consistent temperature.

Hybrid Underfloor Heating

Hybrid systems combine electric and hydronic underfloor heating. They are more efficient as they utilise electric heating during warmer months when less heat is needed and switch to hydronic heating during colder months for increased warmth. This flexibility optimises energy usage and comfort.

What Are Our Underfloor Heating Services?

Superflow UFH offers comprehensive services for underfloor heating, including design, installation and upgrades. Our trained specialists are committed to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

Design and Installation

Our team will work closely with you to design and provide an underfloor heating installation that fits your requirements and budget. We consider factors such as the size of your home, flooring type, and heating preferences to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency.

Superflow UFH also supplies all the tools and components that will be used during the installation. From a manifold flow metre to all types of fitting components such as tapes, mats, and clips, you won’t need to worry about anything.

How Do We Install Underfloor Heating?

Preparing the Subfloor: Before beginning to install the underfloor heating system, we ensure the subfloor is clean and free from any debris or rough edges that could damage the heating pipes.

Installing the Pipes: Depending on the system chosen, the heating pipes are either attached to insulation material or fitted within panels. We position the pipes at the specified distance, typically 200-250 mm apart, ensuring even heat distribution. We may also lay a damp-proof membrane on the subfloor before adding insulation.

Installing the Manifold: With hydronic systems, we install the manifold, which connects the underfloor heating pipes to the heat source. The mounting site is carefully chosen, considering the unit’s weight and connected pipes.

Considering Floor Temperatures: It’s important to consider the maximum temperature limits of the chosen floor covering. Based on the temperature restrictions, we advise on the appropriate floor coverings, such as vinyl, carpet, laminate, wood, or tiles.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Insulation: We emphasise the importance of installing insulation beneath the underfloor heating system. Proper insulation offers numerous benefits, including faster heating times, energy savings, and lower long-term running costs.

Careful Planning and Measurement: We meticulously plan and measure the area to ensure a smooth installation. Considering fixtures and fittings, such as toilets and bathtubs, it is crucial to incorporate them into the heating system layout. We also ensure the subfloor is clean and address any issues like squeaky floorboards.

Testing the System: We thoroughly test before and after each installation stage to ensure the underfloor heating system functions properly. This ensures peace of mind and guarantees a well-operating system.


Underfloor heating provides lower energy bills and precise temperature control, making it a cost-effective and customisable heating solution.

Our underfloor heating specialists typically complete the installation for wet systems in 2-4 days. Preparation, pipe placement, and insulation contribute to the efficient and timely installation process.

The actual cost of underfloor heating systems depends on the system type, size of the rooms, and labour costs. But the installation of underfloor heating is more than a traditional radiator system.

On the other hand, the underfloor heating system is more efficient than a typical radiator system. Therefore, it is cost-effective in terms of energy savings and electricity bills in the long run.

Underfloor heating can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and conservatories.