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Can Underfloor Heating System be used with Solar Power?

Underfloor heating systems are low-carbon heating solutions for almost all kinds of properties and are also compatible with solar PV systems. Using a solar-powered underfloor heating system assists in lowering your property’s carbon footprint and enhances the potential of saving energy.

This article covers the advantages, working mechanisms, types, and important considerations of solar-powered heating systems. Moreover, this guide also includes the importance of good insulation for enhancing the energy efficiency of solar-powered underfloor heating systems.

Advantages of Solar-Powered Underfloor Heating System

Solar power is a renewable source of energy and is one of the emerging technologies. It is generated by converting the sun’s heat energy into a usable form of electrical energy for different kinds of properties.

Being a renewable energy resource, it is the best alternative for other carbon-intensive non-renewable energy resources.

A solar-powered underfloor heating system also helps in enhancing the energy efficiency of your property with low carbon emissions.

Solar power and underfloor heating systems are both energy-efficient solutions, and a combination of both ultimately results in considerably lower costs of heating your property.

An underfloor heating system that utilises solar power as a source of energy reduces the cost of energy bills by reducing the reliance on electricity produced by the National grid.

Working Mechanism of Solar-Powered Underfloor Heating System

The basic principle of solar solar-powered underfloor heating system is that it uses the entire floor space for emitting heat that warms up the rooms. The radiant heat transfer mechanism of this system warms up the floor surface and other objects directly.

The solar energy is converted into electricity with the help of solar PV panels, which are used for powering the UFH system. There is a thermal storage cylinder which is compatible with solar panels and is used for combing the UFH system and mains supply of hot water. Water from the main supply enters the cylinder through the bottom coil, starts circulating through all the coils and reaches the top after achieving the desired temperature.

Types of Solar-Powered Underfloor Heating Systems

There are two types of underfloor heating systems which can be powered with the help of solar energy, and their working mechanisms have been elaborated below:

Solar Powered Wet Underfloor Heating System

A wet underfloor heating system uses a heat pump, which can be powered with the help of a solar system. It helps in heating water that flows around the pipes which are laid beneath the floor surface. This network of heating pipes contributes to the even distribution of heat throughout the space. There is a manifold and pump mixing unit present between the UFH system and the heat source that helps ensure the temperature of water entering the pipes is suitable.

Solar Powered Electric Underfloor Heating System

The electric or dry underfloor heating system comes with electric heating mats or cables. The heating mats have ultra-thin electric wires attached to the subfloor. Electric heating cables can also be installed beneath the floor. Both of these heating options contribute to evenly warming the surrounding space. Solar power can generate electricity, which in turn is used to heat your room with the UFH system.

Solar Powered Underfloor Heating System & Important Considerations

Before getting a solar-powered underfloor heating system installed at your property, you should determine the amount of energy required to fulfil your heating requirements. The amount of energy required to heat your property sufficiently is dependent on different factors, such as the type of your property, level of insulation, and the size of PV solar panels.

Importance of Good Quality Insulation

When your property is well-insulated, the working efficiency of your solar-powered underfloor heating system is significantly enhanced. Proper insulation helps reduce heat loss and retain more heat inside the space. Better insulation also improves the response time of underfloor heating, as less energy is required to heat your property instantly.

Final Words

Underfloor heating systems combined with solar panels are one of the perfect heating solutions for your property. They are an energy-efficient option to keep your home warm with reduced energy bills. By utilising this alternative, you can also save a significant amount of energy bill costs, making a positive impact on environmental health with a reduced carbon footprint.

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